Rillum's Acadamy for Extremely Gifted

The RAED is a monastery looking building. It has a huge courtyard filled with apple and pear trees. There is a couple fountains with benches under regular shady trees. The school has a huge meeting room in the center, that is used for gatherings and Rillum’s teachings.

On either side of the courtyard rise two stories worth of classrooms with windows facing the middle.

The Hall of Treasure teaches of relics, history and Gems.
Professer Mosey runs the wing and is an old dwarf, who enjoys a good pipe smoke and can go on for hours about all the places he has seen.
Assistant Vale is a small human who wears small glasses and is balding. He is shiney forward glistens every day and always at the right place and the right time, He sees all and is the headmaster of discipline. He talks kindly to students and always says he is sorry. He is a scholar of the Pillars themselves.

The Hall of Fingers teaches all the trades done by ones hands.
Master Willham is a big burly elf with a love for shaping metal or wood. His wife, Masteress Willham is a tall gaunt elven women who has long fingers, she knows all there is to about tailoring,weaving and needlework.
A Gnome wizard is amung their staff named Caller Justith, she tinkers and is adept at many things with gears and such.

The Hall of Defense teaches tactics, defense and how to use arms.
A giant of a man, Sir Deffilheim has been in numerous wars of the nations. He is very stern and clean shaven. He will not coddle and has his Son, Lucas who is 12 clean up any lollygaggers.

The Hall of Words teaches science,math and literature.
The Halfling Twins, Regena and Tolte Dampt. They are un married and quite old. They will not baby anyone who whines and are total stricklers
Regena is a mean old women with a beak of a nose. She has a switch that is bigger than her with a bright red tip. People can’t see the switch in the air and know trouble is coming.
Totle has a big bushy head of white hair and does not have any patience with people asking questions or not understanding him. He is a nice man otherwise when his temper is not flared.

Rillum's Acadamy for Extremely Gifted

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