Important NPC Characters

Sunny Vale Characters

Babro Phillips, aka Bangmaster

A Rebel outlaw that runs a band of Mercenaries. She owns a gun and is known to like Posion Ivy. She has a sultry laugh. Loves to see shiny things and hates Dirt.
She is part of the relic hunters but her gang tends to take whatever contract is around.

Rodchester Thunderham
Guard Captain of Tunderton, a very large fellow who laughs with his barrel chest but is quick to get serious. Loves Childern and Hates Nobels.

Sunny Vale Heros

Has the truthseekers trying to grow the groves and investigate the other Gods.

Tilda Burnheart
A Dragonborn fighting the resistance in the Mountain Churn. She wants to rid the world of kobolds. She hates the other lizard folk and will lie to get people to follow her.

Mary Richelly
A Women who leads the other women in Tunderton, she dislikes men and is pushing the women to make reforms in the town.

Important NPC Characters

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