The Forsaken

Babul God of Lightning, Chaos and Anger

Serchia Goddess of Blood, Transformation, and poison

The Twelve

Alloya Goddess of Faith, Trust and love

Braun God of Life, Bravery and rebirth

Burke God of Death, mystery and martial arts.

Tullet Goddess of Fire, Stone and Blacksmiths

Rienstin God of War, Weapons and Strength.

Karu God of Earth, nature and cooking

Yuria God of Air, languages and stars

Remey God of Water, music and cleansing

Sethena Goddess of the Hunt, animals and bows

Tia Goddess of Magic, dreams and Wisdom

Jurock God of the Night, trickery and monsters

Moana Goddess of Wealth, commerce and justice

Cackelbee God of Luck, stories and weather


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