Elder Priest

High father priest of Alloya. Head of the Gifted Acadamy.
Sunny Vale

High Mother priest of Braun. Leader of the Undying, A group of monks/clerics who live high in the mountains in Centre Fields

High Mother priest of Jurock. Leader of the Shade Seekers. Group of infiltrators who are secretly connected to every race, all over Skrey.

Davin Ruth
High Father of Burke. Head of the Order of the Silent Fist. Group of Monks that have dedicated their lives to the martial arts.

Gema Laine
High Mother of Tullet. head of the guild ,the Framers. Every city has a representative of the Framers that helps build or receives.

Rutheart the Blade
Holy Father of Reinstin. General of the Saviors.
Located at Savior Hold

Kelly Sheham
Holy Mother of Karu. Head of the Sisters of the Heart. Usually have churches in every major city or at big farms.
Located in Wooded Isles

Ike Billows
Holy Father of Yuria. Runs a Guild of navigators and interrupters named Moon hawks
Located in Northport

Seth Terranth
Holy Father of Remey Head of the Blessed Tears, a group of muses who sing healing.They are found on ships and wandering from town to town.
Located in Dunlancer

Nelly Scabfoot
Holy Mother of Sethena. Leader of a group of warriors known as the Feral Hunters, group of people who roam the world trophy hunting.
Located in Wooded Isles

Katherine de’shoud
Holy Mother of Tia. Runs a secert organization known as the Dreamseekers ,that helps protect the God-pillars by spreading dream prophecies.
Centre Fields

Rimp Seehut
Holy Father of Jurock. Is known to be part of the lycanthrope group Wailers.
Located in Wilden

Jackson Rentverse
Holy Father of Moana. Head of the Trade Dukes, a guild of merchants who promote neutrality and guarantee their word. Found mostly in Dunkenhollow but can be hired.

Bianca Sistern
Holy Mother of Cacklebee. Leader of a group called the Chroniclers, they tell and record history and stories. Major cities always have them.
Located in the Confederacy

Elder Priest

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