The Harbor city of the Vale. Opening up into the Bay of Rest. This city is home to the merchants and land owners.

Brown brick walls run the outside of Tunderton. They are only about 18’ high and has three watch tower spots on them to hold guards.
The Main street runs right into the harbor, after going down a couple inclines. First along the main road is the barracks of the city guard, across from it is the major storehouse.
Many roads branch off from the main road, leading to all manners of businesses.

Two churches remain here, Church of Alloya and Jurock.

Guild halls sprout up in long log cabin like buildings, with other small residential houses surrounding them like groves.
There is the Framers, Relic Divers, Merchants Hall, City Council.

A couple gangs hold sway in tunderton, with the Leviathan Bite being the biggest. They hang around the docks and are known for thier illegal trade.
Brown Bear Bosses are a group of huge thugs who normally sell themselves for protection but occasionally get into mischief with the help of their boss Lowdown

Most of the city is run off trade of its agricultural goods and the only stop on the Worlds Bend for sailors.

There are three families than run the city. The Broughs, Alexanders andTylings.
Minor houses are two land owners over the area of Bobbits Tradepost, Rantell and Mikabery.
The Broughs run the lands around the northern part, mostly cattle and crops.
The Alexanders run lands to the south with crops and orchards.
The Tylings run the fishing ships and docks.

Rantell is known for their cloth and wool while the Mikabery family runs Bobbits and the trade.


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