Sunny vale Plot

The Kids are involved in searching for Work at Frontier town, due to the infractions.

*Two teachers are plotting some loop hole in the rules to get rid of the Master of punishment.
During takeover the teachers ban using gem dust, and starts to shun away from the Old PIllars, only wanting the new science and belief in the REASON. BELIEVE THE REASON
Take over the school and run it with there has been a group of kids who organized and continue to thrawt the Twins. They will set up ladders and act like birds poop on them, They will lock doors that don’t lock, they sneak in and steal their lunch.
Children begin disappearing and people think the Twins are locking them up.
A few children come back looking dazed and out it. Saying the don’t remember much, just sleeping a lot.

War has broke out between the Masked Jusitice. Students are having to be punished and searched. Days of doing chores around the castle. Bribes are been given to help find out the ruffians.
Finally a Tiefling is hired, and is there to give justice and watch the halls. The Tiefling will befriend Gregs character finally, and then help the masked justice find the twins brother under the mind control and convince his sister to let go of her power.

  • Master of Punishment, Professor Vale, has found an artifact which gave him the power of persuasion. it also effects his mind from the Posioned God PIllar. He feeds the childern to the Pillar to fuel the armors and begins building armored Golems.
    is using Goblin to collect dead animals. No more bird songs, cats and dogs missing.
    Begins to take children from Tunderton, then some from *
    h4. The Rat King is now working at the school.
    Upon return of the Kids, the teachers will tell about the king getting kicked into the city.
    He will go to the harbor, and begin sowing seeds of sickness. The people think its the sailors coming in from outside.
    Rats will have infested the harbor and some of the sailors will have become Were-rats.
    A Magic flute can be quired the lures animals to sleep in the Mountains next to Academy.

Jurock the God-Pillar
Has a Dragon lair around the Pillar, with gold and gems piled around it, the skeletons of GIANT beasts lay around the Pillar. a canvern so tall the the Dragon can fly.
The Wyverns and half dragons do his bidding, along with demons that come from the Gems groves that have been tainted. Restoring each demon grove will grant a blessing to the one who links with it, restoring Alloya’s blessing,
Has put a curse on the Vale, turning bloodlines into Were creatures.

Alloya the God-Pillar
Is Encrusted into an Angelic Staute, her gems glowing as jewlery and her eyes burn as gold as the sunset. When the sun is its fullest, and glares down on the Statue, lifelike features begin to manifest and the Statue can talk.
Over the time period of helping the students, she will grow pregnant. Rillum will be stuck witht he pillar, each time they see him he will look older and older untill the last time they come and he has turned into a small gem himself. The Statue will be dead.
Take the gem-child to the center.

Has a fierce revenant guarding the tomb of Oya. Once thought to have been a great warrior that fought off the spider hoard, helped the homeless by enslaving the trolls to make huge houses. During the Tomb of Oya in the mountains above Acadmy. Find alot of enchanted armor sent by Vale to disrupt the Pillar.

Frontier Town
The Druids of Jermah became the first to be were-wolf, it was said their ancestors pilgrimed to Jurock and gave worship. A hermit Druid has come back and gathered the youths to his cause. They go hunting with the Hermit and come back with stories of spiders.
He is the one making the spiders attack the village but the Midnight Prowlers attack more spiders and take down a nest, pissing off the Dryders who have now mobilized.

Lucas will get enticed into joining the youths and start believing in the Hermits way of life.
Un ease between the Council of Jermah, with really old guys who take a long time to do anything. He is trying to rally the people to fight the Spiders, who have taken his home.
All of the youth are big fans but are hard controlled by the families.

Warden Toolri and Dextar patroll the Orc borders. They have been telling of a crazed bear that keeps attacking cattle. With all the wolves prowling the northern border. Toori and Dextar need to track down this bear. which is a Orc, then leads into the Orc town to find the lost shirt arm. He denies it, the orc chiefton tells you to take your lies away,. but as everyone is leaving, the Birds attack.

Sir Defilhaim, Lucas and the Trapted army.
Lucas will be introduced to the party. He is a kid that will get them into trouble. He will be watching over them at Frontier town. He grumbles alot of having to do watch duty to a bunch of kids.
Defilhaim will be fighting the organized Dryders,
Ark Tauntum is the leader of Dryders. He has killed a merchant that was headed to Defilhaim with a load of magical items.
Searching for the Wagon and helping a Warden named Tillrung from Frontier town.
A battle is fought over the chests from the wagon. It has been pulled into the forest and strung up with webbs. Inside are hundreds of little spiders.

Cursed Elven Village


Giant Mountain
Had a Giant Named GruGrow who broke the Bridge after Delfiheim went across. He has continued to harry any passer bys. GruGrow has a Brother named Mewbrah. The Mountain sits high off the clifs of the mnts. It is solid, with statues growing out of the sides, Long streches of Artwork across the middle of the Mountain, Gianthat.. The top has a huge palace built into it, that has a bridge across the gap into the eastern mountains.
Alot of the Giants have moved to the bottom of the Mountain and stare above as the Faithful( The honor guard for KIng Pinecove. He wants to save his Wife who has been captured by Kobolds.
One honorguard at the base of the Mountain but an Mera,Old Giant will offer them friendship and distract.

Macerbor will answer their questions on how to event unfolded, and the giant will tell of a rescue gone bad, and now the King is doing the bidding of the Black Folk.
The brothers have been told to harras anyone and keep the river clear of bridges.
The rest have gone into hiding, only the Faithfull are here serving.
Faithfull lead by Dronzo la Depar. a Gawdy looking Stone Giant with so many jewels.

In sheep pins, below the mountain. The Evil Wasp has impregnant all the sheep. At the end of the mountain they will all explode and attack.

Kobold Caves

Spider town

Orc Camp
a bunch of Harpy’s are bothering to town, with wyvern flying from their roosts.
Not able to help


Rillum is missing, where is he?! how long will he be gone.

Sunny vale Plot

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