Session 3

The players find Regena and Dump.
Dump just shakes his head mutter how foolish they are and how Dump will now have to clean up downstaires again.

Regena is aghast at the childern, wondering why they would come down here, and who showed them these rooms. She will see the sceptor in gregs hand and then ask for it to be handed over. She won’t listen to anything they have to say, ushering them up the staires and back into the library. She sits them down and says since the head master is not here, she will be recommending extreme punishment to Vale.

Vale will issue them all work orders for the rest of the summer, ending their internships and training. He will also be sending them away to Frontier town, for penance. He says they will find an Orc named Kurieg at Bobbits tradepost and he will accompany them to frontier town as a guardian.
Miss Wilham will drive them to bobbits in a wagon to pick up supplies.

Frontier town

Session 3

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