Ruined Palace of Sahelm

History, Once a great palace of Sahelm, the Sun Elf who ruled over Sunny Vale and united the lands of Wilden with him to bring a war against Kings-Ground. The Confederacy turned the orcs against Sahelm and a curse was put onto the castle, ruining the family and they seemed to all go crazy.
Statues show the family, Lady Fenahya and Adu her son, the wicked. Sahelms brorther only known as Tro the Heartless.
Eventually the people of Frontier town rose in rebellion and ended the rule of Sahelm and sent the Sun Elves back to the desert.
The Wicked Beast of the West= A Civilization known as the Ardor used to live in the isles off the coast of the Frozen sea. They were a great sea people, being the fleet of Sahelm once, until the curse brought a monster from the depths. It was a particuallry cold winter and during that, the Beast of many hands showed up.

1st room is covered in book shelves with all types of books, at the left end of the room , there is a long bookcase that has a trap door. The door leads to a small study with a couple books, a desk and a small chest. The chest contains writing utensils and an eyeglass that you can use to see in the dark.
At the right end of the room is a couple rotted couches an two soldier statues with spears that arch and go into the ceiling and their arms streched down one has a ornate sceptor but the other missing something in their hands. At the end is a doorway that is locked.

Outside that door is

The 1st floor, 2nd room has two stair ways on either side of it but the front of the room is collapsed. Their is a floating armor that is no antimate till they move near it.

2nd floor Left stairway. Leads down into a hallway that runs left and right.

Treasure rooms looks cleaned out but oddly familiar throne with obsidian wood, claw feet and golden inline is in the corner. looking furthor into the room will show a draw filled clothes and a dc 15 arcana will show a aura from a jacket. The clothes never get dirty.

Artroom on the left has nothing but old metal golden frames hanging about. The other room filled with statues has a depressed floor panel and a dead goblin with an arrow through its chest lying in the middle of the room.
1d6 for loot statues.

Dining hall and ballroom. 1d6 for location of Cube. You come into a room that has the sparkles of metal. a long table laden with plates and utensils for feasts. The table has 4 skeletons laying about. two are laying face down with the bench pushed over behind them and the other two lay strown over the ground. entrances lay to the right in the shadows.
The Will-o-wisp will try and draw the players to the cube.

The kitchen has a small back ally way, dc18 that takes people to the hallway and the store room. all the others are blocked off.

Bedroom ally will have a patrol of Two goblins each. the Bedrooms will yeild 1d6 gold and maybe a small statue. The bedrooms have 1d4 chance of contaning sleeping goblins and 1d10, 9-10 chance of having the goblin boss sleeping with chained women named Ranien.
Ranien is from tunderton and looks dead pan, not really responding to much people do.
The Rooms each have a secert door that leads into the next, dc15 to find it and push the brick.

Alchemy room is locked, when unlocked it shows a table of glass and alchemy set. three sets of potions, if all three are picked up and put near each other, they will explode dealing 1d10 acid damage to the carrier of black potion. If not, Black potion is a potion of night vision, silver is of Enhance ability, milky looking potion is of invisibility.

Store room has been plundered and has rats all over the place, dc12 stealth of be attacked by rats.

Barracks has bunkbeds and chests. If entering the room, one skeleton will rise and attack, dc10 stealth to avoid detection from the corner skeleton. Bunk Chests have kits. 1d6 which kits. One dead body on a bed has a key.

A Dead goblin lies gutted against a wall near the door to the barracks.

Hearing screams is a dc18+ but down in the dungeon will show a torture rooms with a table and a rack. On the table will be a dead townsfolk, in the cages will be skeletons and two bodies. One of the bodies is able to talk, and tells of being stolen off his farm, his wife hasn’t been doing well and needs healing or she will die on moving.
In one of the skeleton cages, if you move the mattress you find this old decaying leather map that leads to something in the Valewall mnts.

a Were rat will be down in the dungeon, dc12 stealth check to see he turns into a rat and follows them. If they make alot of noise, he will kill the towns people and lock himself away. Pleading with them to free him and to leave the thing in the corner.
There is a small bed against the closer right corner and the remains of a small meal.

Armorry is locked with a gate, 6 levers are on the wall from the gate. Inside will be one floating armors but will have weapons of all kinds and armor up to scale mail. will have the other ornate sceptor.

Goblin hole located in one of the bedrooms, collapsed wall showing a crude tunnel leading into blackness. Looking further will have two rooms, one small room with a group goblins cooking and another big room with a small pool, holding another small group with tables of loot and armor. Three tunnels lead from the room into darkness, the 1st tunnel leads to more goblins, middle tunnel leads up into a mountain pass, 3rd tunnel leads down to a golem and then the pillar.

Mantino Lorazina de Papadayo, people call me Papa Mat. He is an elf that has been imprisoned in the keep of Sahlem. Looks totally grey with withered muscles leaning against the far back of a cell. He is a starved vampire and it takes a dc10 to even notice he isn’t a corpse.

Ruined Palace of Sahelm

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