Twelve Pillars

How Big a boy are ya?

The group with their hearts of gold, went into the caves to face the Giant. Their deft moves and quick attacks pushed on the Giant. Sending the giant into the lower caves, the team lets an Orc go and Jonil lets his true feelings for cattle show.
Faced with a Sorcerer, a cloaked figure and a ritual with kobolds, the team takes out the remaining monsters ater the bad guys took leave.
They headed to pufferton and were greated by the mayor who had troubles of his own.

Goodbye Old Friend

The students found themselves below Mnt. Churn. at the outcrop called two finger bluff. the interm Guide Gruff lead to kids to the broken bridge into the mountain. After Felynae tripped a boulder, Kobolds sprang from thier hiding spots and began their attack. Eo and Batar took the elite’s head on, while Palas made quick work of the footpads. Felynae and Jonil kept up the teams morals and worked on the background.
During the fight a wyvern flew down and managed to grab their guide, Gruff the half orc. Once grappled, Felynae said AH HELL NO, and magicked the lizard away from her. It was farewell to Gruff as the wyvern stole away into the Mountains entrance.
Meanwhile, The kobolds go down, as well as a high wire act gone wrong when Felynae ended his Balloon trick.
An heirloom was found from Bang Master, the bang Dingo, some loot was recovered in the ruins and an ally was met, a halfling prisoner by the name of Mr.Waggleton.
Waggleton talked of his home being attacked, and lead to group across the plains to his home.
They were attacked by a pack of wolves, only to be turned on and annihilated, then skin and cooked. The group left that forest camp, not once turning around to look at the mess left behind.
Upon seeing Waggleton’s home wrecked by Rocktosser and empty, Palas and Jonil convince Felynae to blow up a sick looking cow, confirming the infestation of demon spawn in the cows belly.
Rallying up Waggleton, loaded with his gold and gloves of Nature, the group snuck up into Devil’s hollow to find the Giants and Waggleton’s family.
Bowsa, the hill giant partner of Rocktosser was being scolded and went to pout in his room infront of the group. Felynae lost it when she heard Bowsa had killed a child and the Rill Team rushed in to finish off the Hill Giant.
After the fight, a kobold escaped and fought with Waggleton. After getting saved by Jonil an altered Rocktosser hit true with a rock, crushign Waggleton’s body. Only Felynae quick thinking and bravery saved his soul.
The team leaves off in Bowsa’s sick alcove, Rocktosser’s home before them and an Angry Stone Giant within.

Country Side in turmoil

After the adventures came out of the forgotten depths, regena scolded and tried to get the students expelled. After listening to their story and pleas for acknowledgement, Vale chooses to send them to Frontier Town to spend the rest of summer in the Orchards. Hooking up with Miss Wielheim’s wagon to get goods from bobbits the team heads out.
Soon after they run into a farmer with trouble with his sows, Batar challenges and takes down the bull protecting the cows. Bugs explode from the cows and a giant wasp demon comes from the Bull, then escapes.
The Group then heads to a gem grove and rests up, jonill manages to get a gem.
Moving along, they reach Bobbits and help save a dog, while discovering a weird tick that seems to have developed a gem growth.
After a bar scene where they learn information about a lost merchant and Mistress EO takes on two nobles in defense of an Orc, the team heads out towards Frontier Town without Wilheim but gaining the Orc Ranger.
The Group gets attacked by the Stone Giant and before Batar can accept the challenge, they head towards the river to escape.
Only to find the bridge broken…they head north, hoping to avoid the giant and head to Two-Finger Bluff.

Champions Of A New Dawn

The players are roused out of their studies, pushed into turmoil and sent into the world to help revive the gods.

Twelve Pillars
The twelve pillars that were

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