Twelve Pillars of the Ascended

Welcome to the world of Skrey.
In this current setting, the God-Pillar’s have gone into seclusion.
No longer do the priests of these pillars preach.
No longer does the magic fill the realm as abundantly as it once did.
No longer is the trade of gems seen as a life force of the realm.
The people of Skrey are left to their own ways.

God’s are still worshiped and Artifacts still work but most people rely on their skills. The civilizations are simple. Most people don’t search for the lost technology after the sundering. Living a life without magic is fine for them.

Groups of worshipers, scholars and hunters exist but remain low key.

The ways magic is used in Skrey is different than 5e books but the same rules apply basically.
-Warlocks have to ingest the god-gems to give themselves power.
-Wizards draw power from the gems themselves
-Sorcerers and Bards have the gems infused into their own bodies, usually by use of Artifacts.
-Druids use the gems to draw runes on their skin for power.
-Clerics and paladins draw power from the pillars themselves.
-Monks have spent so much time around certain gems that they have gained certain powers.

Please read over the world and its cities, choosing a good background for your character and telling how they ended up at the school.

The Story of the Pillars

The Pillars