Prophecy of George

When the land shall fall and warmth leave the souls.
When weather turns to dust and the water foul.
Elves shall bow before the chosen one
The Sword of truth will return to the rightful air
Nights will become days that sparkle in waves.
Love will be known and despised.

Prophecy of Twoleta

Waves crashing against the shore,
Monster breaking the depths of short
Light leaving the expanse and
stars coming to life.
Seek the one who keeps the light,
End the abyss before it begins.

Prophecy of Jugy

In the time of night he comes, with gifts he bares.
A trespasser or he may seem, but traps will not hinder.
Within the GRASP all tribes will bow
Together united will the tribes be cleansed
Separate will the tribes die.
The morning sun will reveal the true savor.


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