Twelve Pillars

Country Side in turmoil

After the adventures came out of the forgotten depths, regena scolded and tried to get the students expelled. After listening to their story and pleas for acknowledgement, Vale chooses to send them to Frontier Town to spend the rest of summer in the Orchards. Hooking up with Miss Wielheim’s wagon to get goods from bobbits the team heads out.
Soon after they run into a farmer with trouble with his sows, Batar challenges and takes down the bull protecting the cows. Bugs explode from the cows and a giant wasp demon comes from the Bull, then escapes.
The Group then heads to a gem grove and rests up, jonill manages to get a gem.
Moving along, they reach Bobbits and help save a dog, while discovering a weird tick that seems to have developed a gem growth.
After a bar scene where they learn information about a lost merchant and Mistress EO takes on two nobles in defense of an Orc, the team heads out towards Frontier Town without Wilheim but gaining the Orc Ranger.
The Group gets attacked by the Stone Giant and before Batar can accept the challenge, they head towards the river to escape.
Only to find the bridge broken…they head north, hoping to avoid the giant and head to Two-Finger Bluff.

Champions Of A New Dawn

The players are roused out of their studies, pushed into turmoil and sent into the world to help revive the gods.

Twelve Pillars
The twelve pillars that were

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